Pre-Sale Real Estate Clean Ups


Your biggest asset is most likely your home so why not maximize the return with a top to toe exterior clean. 

We strongly recommend getting the exterior of your home and property looking as good as it possibly can before going on the market.


It's simple. First impressions DO count. The first area of your home that a potential buyer notices is the outside not the inside.

If the exterior of your house is clean, decks are looking sharp, driveway is the colour it should be and the fences look like they are still new.... you are on track to setting a good impression before potential buyers have even set foot inside.

When going to market, more often than not the interior cleaning and tidying is front of mind and the exterior cleaning is left untouched or assumed to be an expensive exercise and best left to the new owner.

We do encourage you to get in touch as we are here to help. 

With a good core part of our business being the day to day working with Vendors/Sellers and Real Estate professionals, we have fine tuned our service and approach to ensure the work is carried out seamlessly around all the other stresses of listing your home. We are cost efficient and provide results that will pay themselves off ten-fold with the sale price.

Our real estate agent recommended Lokell Eco to carry out a few areas of cleaning around our home before listing. We had the outside of the house washed, windows cleaned and driveway water blasted. It was without a doubt worthwhile and we will continue to recommend your services to our friends and family. Thanks again.
— Ian & Trish - Milford