Down Pipe Bypass

Ensuring your gutter system is maintained effectively and efficiently requires a little bit of planning.

The down pipe bypass is a must!


We offer installation of a down pipe bypass on one, two or all of your downpipes to allow for water diversion. Most commonly these are installed to be able to flush your gutter system easily without the risk of blocking the under ground pipes which can result in a large expense to have unblocked. If your gutters are unable to drain correctly it can result in water rising in the gutters and flowing back into your roof cavity or down your internal walls. Another reason to make sure your gutters are free from debris and your downpipes are carrying water away properly.

In some cases people like to be able to collect rain water from their roof for watering gardens and to minimise the use of town supply water when unnecessary. By installing a down pipe bypass, you can collect rain water into a drum or bucket easily for use elsewhere. 

Jason recommended installing a down pipe bypass in two of our down pipes where we were getting continuous leaves congesting in the down pipes and causing under ground blockages in our down pipe drainage. Having the down pipe bypass allows us to effortlessly flush the gutters without having all the leaves and sticks go down to where we cant access them. Thank you!
— Jan - Albany